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The Real Soul Surfing – Where the Day Takes You

person surfing during sunset

SOUL SURFING! By Matt J Santori Sometimes it overwhelms me just sitting out there feeling the swells pass under me. Then on a whim, I can feel my wave coming and something takes over me. In that instant I find myself rocketing into full force action and taking over like the world it’s self is crumbling […]

Surf Clothing and Accessories.


In the fifties, surfing was practically obscure by the general network. At that point, apparently out of the blue, everyone needed to go surfing or possibly have a relationship with the way of life. Unexpectedly, another style of surf garments started to be seen, even in midwestern states a long way from the waves. What […]

Saving New Zealand

Surf wave and sunset at night in NZ. photography Rambo Estrada.

Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ) says it is urgently having its sunscreen re-tested after Consumer NZ said it had failed to meet claims made on the label. Surf Life Saving New Zealand branded sunscreen products. Source: Supplied Testing undertaken by Consumer NZ this year indicated that several sunscreens failed to meet the SPF or […]

Reports on surfing-related injuries.


Over the last few years, surfing has increased in popularity, with about 2.6 million recreational surfers in the United States. Efforts are under way to include competitive surfing in the Olympics. However, the number of reports on surfing-related injuries is limited and does not mirror the trend in popularity, according to researchers at Hospital for […]

How to Use Surfline Sessions


How Surfline’s new smartwatch app is about to change the way you look at surfing. Technology has never been easier to use. Basically, if you can operate a computer — and we know you can because you’re doing it right now — you can enjoy the benefits of Surfline Sessions. The whole process consists of a few […]