Photographer Founds a Brand with a Purpose


Veteran surf photographer Jack English teamed up with his daughter to create a new generation of surf-inspired apparel.

By Kailee Bradstreet

In 2012, veteran surf photographer Jack English was offered a job with Getty Images. Although it would have been lucrative, it would also have put limitations on his creativity. 

Those who know English understand his intense creative convictions. From his roots as a photo editor at Surfing magazine through today, he’s been contributing to the surf community in some form for nearly four decades. 

Instead of accepting the position, English decided to open his own photo database, with an entrepreneurial spirit that is often found within those who dedicate their lives to the ocean. That entrepreneurial spirit is still alive, with a slight shift in focus. English is still creating iconic imagery, but now he’s doing it with a new company – one that he founded earlier this year with his daughter Eden, 9, out of their garage in North County San Diego. 

Sea of Seven, while still a fledgling T-shirt brand, is stepping into 2019 with a goal of speaking to youth in a different way – unique to the Southern California region – and representing what is arguably the bedrock of the ever-evolving surf lifestyle and culture. 

English has been embedded in this culture since his early 20s, when he was offered a full-time surf photographer position at Surfing magazine, after capturing from the water the largest wave ever photographed at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. He went on to eventually become a staple staff member of TransWorld Surf magazine, in the height of surfing media’s rise in the ’90s and early 2000s. This afforded him the opportunity to travel the world, creating thousands of iconic images of the world’s best surfers.


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